A smile you gave everyone whether they were young or old,

Jokes you told us to make us cry wih laughter, 

Your ability to connect with everyone of all ages, 

Your “tutehloh futehloh” (broken) Gujrati, 

Your contagious laughter & infectious smile, 

Your constant teasing & your hilarious banter, your firm hand shakes, your consoling hugs, your knowing nod of the head, your opinions, thoughts and advice.
The day Dada passed away we sat in the living room, the whole family united as one, reliving past stories, revisiting memories, retelling jokes, I sat on the floor near the window saying to myself “Onaiza, don’t cry stay strong” but I couldn’t, I couldn’t stay strong, I couldn’t hold my tears back, so they rolled one by one down my cheeks, until it got to the point to where I couldn’t control it, so I walked out the living closely followed by Azhar, he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me into a hug, the kind only an elder brother can give you, and in that moment I didn’t know that in three years Azhar, would not be here.
Azhar got diagnosed with Cancer, at first it was a tumour, they had removed the tumour and got it graded, before I continue let me tell you at this point Azhar had changed as a person, those you you who knew Azhar will know that azhar started praying, spending more time in the mosque, listening to Islamic lectures, and to Quraan.  

After Azhar came back home from hospital I wanted to ask him (as stupid as it sounds) “are you okay?” 

We walked into Azhars house and there he was laying on his bed, same old Azhar, same old banter, we shook hands and yes he teased me about “Purnima Samosas” we joked about had a laugh, he turned to my mom and said “Kaki they’ve graded my tumour” he continued “Alhamdulilah it’s GRADE 4… they said it’s aggressive Alhamdulilah” & in that moment tears sprung to my eyes, I was hurt, I was angry, I was confused “why Alhamdulilah Azhar? Why Azhar?Why now??” 

It was only after a few weeks I finally accepted it that anything that happens is from God and there’s always a reason.  

After overcoming his struggles, riding through sleepless nights, pain, hardship, tears & battling cancer, Azhar peacefully passed away in the early hours of Friday 15th April 2016, with his friends and family beside him- praying for him.

Ya Allah shower your mercy on Azhar & all those who have passed away..

I still remember the Thursday before he had passed away, the house was full of visitors here to see Azhar, I walked in and I couldn’t even look at Azhar, I just walked up to the stairs and sat there to pray, after 3 solid hours of sitting on the stairs my butt was numb & I told mum im goimg home, I had to say bye to Azhar, I couldn’t leave without saying bye. 

I reached Azhars bed, and looked down at him, his posture, his atmosphere everything about him was calm and peaceful, he looked content. 

I put my hand on top of his and whispered “Khudafhiz” and this is where Azhar squeezed my hand, like he wass actually saying goodbye, like he knew. 

As tears started to well up, I quickly left the house, only for mum to come back home at around 12:30am on Friday morning to say Azhars gone.
I jumped out of the bed and threw on my scarf and ran out of the house.

I stepped into the house and made my way to the bed as I did so Azhars Dad hugged me and said “your Azhar Bhai is gone” this is where I broke down, because this was real. Azhar looked happy, peaceful and content that’s all that matters.
Now heaven has gained another angel and you’re there with dada, I’m happy that Dadas favourite grandson is up there with him. 

I ask all of you to pray for all those who have passed away, pray for all of those who are facing difficulties in their lives, pray for your parents, your children, your brothers and sisters, and the whole Muslim Ummah.