Remember when we were kids and we would  go to school and we would meet up with cousins we would play “teacher teacher” I know most of you are sitting there nodding your heads like “oh yes!” 
Growing up I have always wanted to be a teacher, I got excellent grades at secondary school (I went to Moat community college) and went to Gateway College….BUT… I didn’t end up finishing my A Levels *SHOCKER*

Obviously my mum still holds me to it, but leaving Gateway half way through and not finishing my A Levels has to be the best thing.
In college I studied Health & Social Care as a double award and Information Technology I had some pretty “Ok-ish” teachers well they were abit annoying but aren’t all teachers annoying.

When I left college I started working at Little Footprints Nursery on Uppingham Road, this is where my journey had began; I met new people, I met this one girl whom at first I never got along with but as time went on she became the only person who could understand me and two years on, she still gives the best advice,thank you Fatz 💕 I learnt new skills, and still 4 years on I carry this with me wherever I go.

I left Little Footprints Nursery to go and start a new role at Humberstone Park Day Nursery, yes this is the nursery in the park over here I met 2 girls who brought me up when I was down, who shared my pain, who gave me advice, and most importantly stood by my side through the difficult times and this is important, because this is sometimes the only way to keep you on track.

A year on I moved onto another nursery much closer to home, called Early Learners Nursery School near Vanilla Pod/Fes Mangal.
As time went on at my other nurseries I had gained a lot of skills which I had applied to my current job. Suprisingly I had impressed my manager and got the role of a Room Leader and although I enjoy my job immensely, but as we all know with great power comes great responsibility (Something like that)

 I manage the 2 year old room/Toddler Room,in toddler room there’s an average of 25+ children per morning and around 20+ children per afternoon, plus staff and mountains of paperwork but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I love working at Early Learners Nursery School, ELNS is one big happy family it’s like I’m moving from home to home, management is amazing and I can always rely on my manager to help me out and of course a group of brilliant staff who always make everyone feel welcome.

And how can I forget my amazing children who I work with and always bring a smile to my face and a ray of sunshine to my day. We all know children can sometimes be hard work but that’s all part of the job, behind every child’s smile there maybe some sort of pain, be the person to make the child forget their pain, smile and be happy.

Working with children whether young or old is a blessing in disguise you learn alot from children even though they are super annoying and constantly being silly and messy but, I love each and every one of them they truly are amazing 💕

I’d like to thank my entire work team: Rupa, Tasmin, Sara D, Sirhan, Sarah H, Saarah P, Neha 💙, Shirley and Nirvana for making work intresting.
And how can I forget management; thank to Eric & Dimple, who have supported me every step of the way.

And of course the two most amazing girls who supported me at Humberstone Park Day Nursery, I love you for that, and I’m sorry for being so damn annoying 💙💕

I’d also like to say a special thanks to my four amazing cousin sisters; Suraya Appa, Rozina Bai, my “broski” Naadirah and Maryam. My one and only cousin brother Azhar, may Allah have mercy on you Bro, I think of you every day and every night.

Thank you for reading.
Sending peace and love to you all✌💙