To all of those who know me would know that I’m a big tomboy.. yes I play football, I watch football, I’m a badass goal keeper too!

 I enjoy wearing caps and snap back and you’d hardly see me wearing a dress, PJ’s and loose shirts are the best!!

I remember in primary school after I ate my lunch I’d used to run over to the top playground (Shentons playground had a top and bottom play area, if you were on the top playground ,it’s like you were
at the top of the food chain)

And in Moat, me and a friend used to dare  each other to go over to the astroturf and play football with the lads, those were the days which I looked terrible with a pony tail, I used to hate wearing a scarf outside of mosque.
I was the type of girl as soon as I got out of mosque I whipped off my scarf and let the cold breeze blow through my hair!

But November 2014 that had all changed!…

Some of you may know I have a younger brother, we are only 2 years apart but he is the spoilt one! He suffers from Epilepsy, although he looks normal, talks normal and sounds normal, the truth is that these seizures have taken over his life.

March 2014 he suffered a really big seizure whilst at school and the teachers had called the Ambulance service straight away, while sitting at the hospital in the evening watching him sleep made me realise I got to look after this little tyke!

As I looked up my mum’s gaze caught my eyes and she said “Let’s go for Hajj” (Pilgrimage), I looked up obviously shocked, and my mum just casually said “let’s go this year” and my reply to my mum was “we don’t even know if we will be able to afford it” yes there’s me showering the negativity, Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah) we managed to book our tickets and we were supposed to be flying out on the 28th of August…

August the 20th my mum gets a phone call to say that we didn’t get visas for all four of us, as our bags were packed and we were all excited to go to the Holy Land, my mum did not give up in trying to find a group that we could go with.

Alhamdulilah (Praise be to Allah) we found a group, and got our Visas! 

We flew out on the 28th August ready for Umrah and Hajj.

We completed 8 Umrah’s whilst we were at Makkah, and complete our Hajj (Pilgrimage) without no issues.

Coming back to UK and adjusting back to the time, the food and of course the miserable weather was really hard but….. It was on this day I chose to wear the Hijab/Scar, on this day I decided to cover myself and be modest and now I cannot even leave the house without it.

Those of you who know and made the drastic change to wear the hijab knows the struggle that comes with it, living in the 21st century, in Leicester the most diverse and multi cultural city you think that we would be comfortable to freely practice our religion but after wearing the Hijab there has been countless times where I have been scared to step out of the house because people can go as low as verbally and physically abusing someone because of their faith, but on the brighter side I have seen different religious societies embrace other religions, happily accepting that they need to live side by side in peace and harmony.

This is the kind of society I wish for.

To all the girls who are thinking of wearing the Hijab, go for it.. wear it, be modest, be comfortable, be free, wearing a hijab is a reward in its self.

Sending peace & love 💙✌