In loving memory of Fateemah. May Allah shower you with mercy. Ameen! 💙

Friendships mean different things to different people. 

Some may say it’s a time of hardship and struggle, while others would say their friendship is what made them who they are today. 

I’d like to tell you all that as this is my very first post, these blogs mean alot to me, people always tell me that I write from the heart, every word that’s written is personal to me. I’m not here asking for sympathy, I’m here to spread peace and love.

Growing up I’ve never been the popular child, which obviously meant going through the difficult years of being bullied, which was really hard to handle.

I made my way through primary school and secondary ,as always secondary school will always be the highlight for me, those 5 years I spent, I made friends the two most amazing and influential girls I will ever meet! I’m proud to call them my friends, I left secondary school with 13 GCSE’s with  grades A* to C, more than what my predicted grades were.

I started Gateway College without my friends but I made lots of new friends but, they only stayed in my life for short periods of time.

I regrettably left college in my 2nd year to continue to pursue my career in childcare- working with children is the most rewarding career you can ever have & I can happily say that it’s the best desicion I have ever made. 

Throughout my time I had one person who had never let me down, she was there for me from the start, we went nursey together, played together, ate together, prayed together and at times got in trouble together, and 15 years of friendship is what made me who I am today, she taught me stuff, she changed me as a person and that’s what friendships are about having that one person who will stand by your side through the difficult times.. & laugh at your idiotic moments.

Clearly she was the angel and I was the rebellious one, and that is why we were made for each other I had what she didn’t have and vice versa.

One day in June I get a phone call to say meet us in the hospital, it was Fateemahs  mum we had all rushed to the hospital and saw her laying there wires and pipes attached to her body,  hands and head, I couldn’t help but cry seeing her like this made me feel so low. 

She stayed in this condition at ICU (Queens medical) in a “coma like state”

9 days later….. 

She didnt make it. She left this world to meet her maker. Flying high with the angels in heaven.

She was involved in an accident which involved another car where the driver was using his mobile phone.

  • Moral: Surround yourself with good people 
  • Live life with a smile 
  • Treat your friends as if it’s the last time you’ll see them

And lastly remember, a person who knows and talks to alot of people, could be the most loneliest person.
Thank you,

Onaiza Daud